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This is the cover for the first Inspector Blades book. Blades has found his way through three different murder mysteries, and I am now writing the fourth for him. I love the cover for the first book. This, to me, is the central image for that novel, a young, attractive woman walking out into the dunes. She is in the midst of exploring and enjoying her life – but it comes to a premature end. And the innocence and the joy in that image I find haunting because it is the last walk of her short life, and there is nothing to suggest she deserves such an end – as she doesn’t. In the fourth book, Inspector Blades is engaged in searching for another missing young woman, and he really hopes that he will find this one alive. I am yet to find out myself the end to this mystery and look forward to knowing what happens next. I will just have to keep on writing it. I am about half way through and have reached the stage you always do half-way through a novel, where you have gone a bit flat, and just have to keep plodding on till the structure comes together and the ideas flow properly again. So, onwards. One foot after another.